Diwali Morning may Rain

Diwali Morning may Rain

While the India Meteorological Department has forecast moderate to heavy rain in various parts of the state, private weather blogger Pradeeep John said northern parts of the state will experience rain for the next 10 days.

Government guidelines are there for  fire crackers can be burst between 6am and 7am and then from 7pm to 8pm.

“The State Pollution Control Board will vigil  with the help of police to prevent bursting of crackers during the non-stipulated hours,” said a pollution control board official.


Diwali morning, keep an eye on the sky to burst crackers ,it may be rain during the government stipulated time in the morning. The city is expected to get more rain from Monday i.e from 21/10/2019  onwards.


John said as far as Chennai is concerned, it will rain at night and continue till the next morning. “It may rain up to nine in the morning in the coming week,” he said.

A trough of low pressure may form after Monday. This will lead to enhanced rain activity in northern Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh, he said.

Coastal areas, the Delta region, western parts of the state and interior areas such as Theni and Dindigul will get rain.

The low pressure is expected to move towards the northerly direction and this may bring more rain to Chennai and its surrounding areas, he said.




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