Kunkuma Dhivya’s artworks

Kunkuma Dhivya's artworks

Kunkuma Dhivya's artworks  will be on display till October 18 at Soul Spice Art Gallery, Mylapore.

Art show of Kunkuma Dhivya had been  inagurated on 8 th Oct at Soul Spice Art Gallery, Mylapore and show will be upto 18 October

From pencil sketches, watercolour, soot art, leaf paintings to acrylic colour art, Dhivya has experimented with several mediums and techniques. Currently, she is working on mastering the acrylic medium. “I love using different colour palettes. I don't enjoy it when there are restrictions on colours that needs to be used. Acrylic is one medium that allows me to work without restrictions and experiment. So, I have narrowed down my medium to acrylic. Colour schemes play an important role in my artworks. Sometimes they are inspired by the colourful feathers of birds I see around me,” she explains. The first-generation professional artist is currently working on creating more aesthetically pleasing artworks that portray the stories from rural landscapes. She also dreams of opening her own art studio some day.

She spokes to our men as follows:

My main concept is nature and women. I tried lot of mediums and now I'm travelling in acrylic medium. I give importance for color's. I love to play with colours, I don't limit myself while applying colors

 And I observe colours from nature and apply that in my paintings, so everyone those whoever look at my paintings feels so fresh and they enjoy so well

And mainly I'm a self taught artist. So I don't follow any rules while doing art.

As a women I want to give importance for women in my paintings. And at the same time I love nature to a greater extent. So I combined both in my paintings

My native is karur. And I m here in Chennai for my art

I am the first person to enter this art field.

: My contact number is 9943936994

Her art show is at 21/11 CIT COLONY 1st main road, Mylapore, Chennai.


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