ollan and Parruppu payasam


ollan and Parruppu payasam/Amma's onam special.


In this video, we will see how to make olan and Parippu payasam recipe

, traditionally prepared during Onam festival in Kerala very rich in flavor olan is the dish that part of Kerala cuisine in south India, it is a light and the subtly flavored dish prepared from a white gourd or ash gourd and black eye peas, coconut milk and seasoned with coconut oil. Parippu payasam is popular payasam in Kerala made of with Channa dal, jaggery and coconut milk as main ingredients.

This gives nice volume and easy to cook too so best for serving for a crowd our recipe is made of basic ingredients available at home. Very healthy and various sweet and savory can be made, basically, kids will get attracted to this dish. Very famous in the south part of India, very good for the health and digestive system.

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